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GiAnna Ligammari (or GiA, for short) is a storyboard artist based in Los Angeles, CA. She is currently working on Tiny Toons Looniversity, and has boarded on other productions such as Inside Job, Jellystone, Thundercats ROAR!, and more. After hours, she moonlights as a VTUBER, hosting drawing and gaming streams on Twitch as virtualGIA. 


streaming tuesdays @ 7 | or whenever!




The videos featured on this website are either personal projects or storyboard animatics approved for sharing. If you'd like access to GiA's professional NDA portfolio please email with an inquiry. For recruiters and productions only.


The following short was written and boarded by GiA while working on Jellystone at WB.



Featured below is the beginning of an ongoing webcomic series, ROJO'S HOUSE PARTY. The webcomic is currently updated regularly thru GiA's Twitter account. She also hosts live Twitch streams for brainstorming and creating the comic, something she calls "live storytelling." Tune in some time!


The next comic was created for Violaine Briat's Ghost Zine, a 130 page anthology of comics about ghosts, drawn by various board artists from LA. Click below to get a copy of your very own!



social media feed

This gallery is the best kept up-to-date feed of GiA's work. She updates Twitter and Instagram regularly with art, so enjoy and follow at @gialigammari.


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